The 10th wedding anniversary is Tin Wedding. Its symbol – tin – is very interesting.

Symbol of the seventh anniversary is copper, and for the eighth one it is bronze that is an alloy of copper and tin to enhance copper properties. Now we have the tin as a symbol of the 10th wedding anniversary – the element that strengthens copper to make it bronze, and this is the second five-year anniversary. It’s a serious date and can be celebrated for fair. Usual gifts for this anniversary have to be as beautiful as the ten-year-long relations of the husband and wife. The symbol is also often related with flexibility of the metal, i.e. with willingness to temporize with their partner. So gifts for the Tin or Rose (in Germany – Rosenhochzeit) Wedding Anniversary are very romantic and symbolic. Husband gives his wife 11 roses: ten red ones as a symbol of love and one white rose as a symbol of hope for another decade. All guests of the 10-years anniversary celebration party also give roses to the couple. It’s good to make sure that clothes or accessories include the rose symbol (color, print). Rose wine, tea with rose petals and a cake decorated with rose elements would also be great.

10th wedding anniversary tin


The 10th wedding anniversary is associated with:

• material – tin (England), tin (Russian);

• a flower – Daffodil;

10th wedding anniversary Daffodil

• a precious stone – Crystal.

15th wedding anniversary - crystal

10th wedding anniversary gift ideas:

• handmade gifts;

• personal congratulations in verses;

•  pewter goblets;

• flowers;

• pewter dinnerware;

• interior items;

• bottle of red wine.

10th wedding anniversary -tin soldier

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