11th wedding anniversary meanings, symbols, and gift ideas


The 11th wedding anniversary is called Steel Wedding:

The second five-year anniversary has passed, and this is the first anniversary after that. Metal of this wedding anniversary is steel. By this time your relationships have acquired the same qualities: they have been polished by problems and difficulties overcome together, now they are flat and shiny like a mirror surface. Your relationship is stable now, and it’s time to focus efforts on refurbishing your house and interior. Steel things are the best choice as a gift for this anniversary.

11th-wedding anniversary steel


The 11th wedding anniversary is associated with:

• a flower – tulip;

11th wedding anniversary-tulip

• a precious stone – Turquoise.

11th wedding anniversary gift ideas:

• handmade gifts;

• jewelry;

car, motorcycle;

• photo watch;

•  a flatware set;

• a barbecue.

info: material –  steel (Russian);

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