The twelfth anniversary is Silk Wedding, just like the fourth one. However, if silk is a symbol of the 4th anniversary in all countries, the symbol of the 12th one in Russia, Germany is nickel. So one can say it’s “silky nickel” as a combination of strength and durability of silk and nickel that doesn’t grow dim in air or water, just like your relationship. Besides, nickel used to be considered a precious metal like gold or silver and was prized highly. This wedding anniversary reminds us of the years spent together; however don’t forget to maintain purity and shining of your marriage. You have to improve yourselves and cooperate with your partner on your relationships to make them better and stronger.

Gift ideas for this anniversary are numerous: there is a great choice of things made of nickel. It may be dishware, flatware, jewelry boxes, frames, candleholders.

12th wedding anniversary-Nickel


The 12th wedding anniversary is associated with:

• a flower – peony;

12th wedding anniversary-peony

• a precious stone – jade.

12th wedding anniversary-jade

The 12th wedding anniversary gift ideas:

• curtains;

• satin dress;

• silk shirt;

• flatware;

• jewelry boxes;

• candleholders;

• frames.


INFO: material –  nickel (Russian); nickel (Germany)

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