15th wedding anniversary meanings, symbols, and gift ideas


The fifteenth anniversary is Crystal Wedding. This wedding anniversary symbolizes purity and clarity of the family relations, unclouded happiness of two loving people. That is why crystal was chosen as a symbolic material for the 15th wedding anniversary. It’s beautiful, clear and, unfortunately, as fragile as love and mutual marital understanding. Family happiness is easy to break like a crystal wineglass. So it must be protected and cared of to preserve warmth, purity, and tenderness of the relationship. A married couple has to always remember that marriage is easy to destroy by a word and a blow like it happens with an expensive family vase! So remember that crystal is fragile, and as before, family happiness must be cared of by the marrieds, trying to strengthen family relations.

Gift theme for this anniversary is crystal that is given in sign of purity and clarity of marital relationship. Glasses, vases, wineglasses, tea sets could be a nice gift.

15th wedding anniversary - crystal


The 15th wedding anniversary is associated with:

• material – crystal;

• a flower – Rose;

15th wedding anniversary - rose

• a precious stone – Rhodolite.

The 15th wedding anniversary gift ideas:

• gifts with Swarovski crystals;

• glasses;

• vases;

• wineglasses.

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