1st wedding anniversary meanings, symbols, and gift ideas

“Paper” wedding anniversary symbolizes that the relationships are similar to perishable material – paper, which is quite easy to tear. And this is true: young people have just known each other and their relationships are fragile. The role of guests who visit the house is to provide a young family with paper, so they give such gifts as books, calendars, photo albums, paintings. A husband and a wife can give each other just a pack of banknotes. You can also give some jewellery with precious stones or flowers which symbolize this wedding anniversary.



The 1st wedding anniversary is associated with:

• material – Paper

• a flower – carnation;

• a precious stone – mother of pearl.


The 1st wedding anniversary gift ideas:

• books;

•  concert tickets, tickets for a sports match, plane tickets;

•  playing cards;

•  an invitation to a restaurant for a romantic dinner;

• paper flowers;

• the newspaper released the day of your wedding;

• photo album with your photos;

• write beautiful writing on the paper;

• carnation.

1st wedding anniversary paper

Info: 1st wedding anniversary - cotton (England), calico (Russian);

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