The twenty fifth wedding anniversary is called Silver Wedding. The first wedding anniversary was cotton one, because this is a very thin material that symbolizes instability of feelings of a young couple. But year by year, feelings and wish to stay together grow stronger, and the alliance becomes more harmonic. That is why symbols of wedding anniversaries become more considerable, and the 25th wedding anniversary gets metal strength highlighted with nobility of a precious metal – silver. Some previous anniversaries are also symbolized with metals, but they were not noble like silver, and many nations consider silver sacred and holy. This is what the symbol of the 25th wedding anniversary tells us: married couple was not only able to preserve their love, but avoided many hidden rocks in their married life to make their feeling noble and strong. Gifts ideas for this anniversary are silver things: dishware, vases, tea-sets, salt-cellars and pepper-pots, figurines.



The 25th wedding anniversary is associated with:

• material – Silver;

• a flower – Iris;


• a precious stone – Tsavorite.

25th wedding anniversary tsavorite

The 25th wedding anniversary gift ideas:


• silver fork;

• silver ring;

• dishware;

• vases;

• tea-sets;

• salt-cellars and pepper-pots.

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