30th wedding anniversary meanings, symbols, and gift ideas


The thirtieth wedding anniversary is Pearl Wedding Anniversary. In these latter days of misunderstanding and lack of time, few can boast celebrating this anniversary. So why is the thirtieth anniversary compared with pearl? It’s because a pearl grows year by year, layer by layer, cherishing its beauty. Thus, a union of two people that has been grown despite any trouble, lights up with beautiful shining after long thirty years. Like selected pearls, people’s lives have colors and tints. Gift ideas: jewelry, souvenirs and accessories with pearls or mother-of-pearl.



The 30th wedding anniversary is associated with:

• material – Pearl;

30th wedding anniversary pearl

• a flower – Lily;


• a precious stone – Pearl.

The 30th wedding anniversary gift ideas:

30th wedding anniversary pearl-gift

• pearl;

• gifts with pearls;

• necklace;

• horseshoe on happiness.

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