35th wedding anniversary meanings, symbols, and gift ideas


35th wedding anniversary – “Coral” Wedding

The thirty fifth wedding anniversary is Coral Wedding. Corals, shaped of tiny polyp skeletons, form coral reefs. Likewise, a union of two loving hearts was made of thousands days spent together, filled with mutual feelings and important events, forming an island called family. Do you know how corals are built? For many-many days, months, years they are formed by smallest polyps becoming beautiful and very strong coral reefs. Likewise, a union of two people who lived together for 35 years is strong and beautiful. It is strengthened not only by romance, but love, appreciation, respect, and care too. So let the coral color be the main color at your wedding anniversary celebration. Decorate the room with red balloons and garlands, and put old red wines on the table. They will highlight strong feelings of the “coral newly-weds”. The theme is coral, so gifts have to be related to sea and corals. A painting depicting sea and rocks could be a good gift, because water takes off negative energy and gives peace and placidity. Various marine theme amulets and talismans could also be good, because they support prosperity and well-being of a family.



The 35th wedding anniversary gift ideas:

• gifts on the marine theme;

• Golden fish in the aquarium is decorated with coral;

• coral beads

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