3rd wedding anniversary meanings, symbols, and gift ideas


After three years of married life, the “Leather” Wedding Anniversary is celebrated. It is called like that because by the time of the third wedding anniversary, marrieds are to feel their partner like “with their skin”. Family has become stronger by this time, but it still may be unsteady, and the relationship is transitionally and flexible like leather. Leather is a stronger material than paper or cotton (the 1st and 2nd anniversaries).

3rdwedding  anniversary - leather


The 3rd wedding  anniversary is associated with:

• a flower – sunflower;

3rd wedding-anniversary-sunflower

• a precious stone – moonstone.

3rd wedding anniversary - Moonstone

The 3rd wedding anniversary gift ideas:

• purse;

• wallet;

•  a leather belt;

•  landscape paintings or paintings which depict animal life;

• leather sofa;

• animal figurine.

info: material – leather (England), leather (Russian);

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