40th wedding anniversary meanings, symbols, and gift ideas


After 40 years of married life it’s time to celebrate the next wedding anniversary – the Ruby Wedding Anniversary. First, let’s see what ruby symbolizes: ruby is a valuable, precious stone, second after diamond. So your marriage now, after 40 years, is like a ruby. Ruby can have various shades – from deep red to pink. But like a diamond, ruby is beautiful only after proper processing of the “top coat”. When speaking about the Ruby Wedding, we mean that under this top coat there is your precious relationship that has been finished by the 40 years of married life.

Ruby was chosen as a symbol of this anniversary because it’s firm and precious like feelings of the couple. Ruby is a precious, royal stone. Year by year, relationship in a family is being finished and processed by various circumstances and situations. Like a precious ruby, by the 40th anniversary the relationship shine with strength, love, and patience.Of course, rubies must be given as a gift for this anniversary: jewelry, accessories, etc. Ruby earrings, bracelets, beads, necklaces, brooches, pendants are given most often for this anniversary. If jewelry with rubies imitate flowers, clusters of berries, it’s especially good. For the 40th wedding anniversary jewelry boxes, vases, watches with rubies could also be good.


The 40th wedding anniversary is associated with:

• material – ruby;

40th wedding anniversary rubin

• a flower – Gladiolus;


• a precious stone – Ruby.


The 40th wedding anniversary gift ideas:


• jewelry with ruby;

• clusters of berries;

• casket.



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