45th wedding anniversary meanings, symbols, and gift ideas


45th wedding anniversary – the “Sapphire” Wedding.

After living together for 45 years it’s time to celebrate the next anniversary – the Sapphire Wedding. Sapphire is a precious stone, just like ruby for a 40th anniversary; they both belong to the same class of material, but sapphire has a blue sky color, so it turns out that this is the same stone colored in a heavenly color, pure and clear. Likewise, your relationship has acquired all ruby properties during all years of marriage, it’s strong and finished, but by the 45th anniversary it becomes more pure and clear. A great gift for this anniversary could be jewelry with sapphires or anything resembling this stone, i.e. of clear sky color.


45th wedding anniversary Sapphire

The 45th wedding anniversary gift ideas:

• blue outfits;

• decorations with sapphire;

• gifts related to the sea;

• bathroom accessories;

• boat trip;

• blue towels;

• a picture of a river, lake or sea.


45th wedding anniversary Sapphire gift

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