50th wedding anniversary meanings, symbols, and gift ideas


The Golden Wedding is celebrated after 50 years of marriage. The Golden Wedding is a great anniversary, like gold that is one of the most precious and expensive metals. Olympic champions are awarded with gold medals for a reason – they have to highlight significance of their victory that was reached by hard working. The Golden Wedding Anniversary is a day when everybody congratulates the couple for strength of their family. A half-century age of a family is a great occasion for a celebration. Married couple who managed to preserve their mutual feelings, affection, and common interests for such a long time, deserve respect. Nobility of the metal that is the symbol of the anniversary is out of any doubt. As a gift for the 50th wedding anniversary gold jewelry are given in sign of devotion and love, because this date really means great love.

Any golden jewelry could be great as a gift for the Golden Wedding Anniversary: not only gold itself, but anything resembling gold: jewelry (bracelets, necklaces, pendants, amulets), accessories (a gold or gilded pen, watches, frames, trinkets, cuff links, brooches, tie clips). Also, figurines or candleholders, gold embroidery icons or tablecloths, towels, bed sheets, various household stuff, etc.



The 50th wedding anniversary is associated with:

• material – gold;

50th wedding anniversarygold

• a flower – Yellow roseviolet;

50th wedding anniversary - yellow rose

• a precious stone – gold.

50th wedding anniversary gift ideas:

• family portrait in the gilded frame;

• a gilded tea set;

• сolden souvenir;

• coverlets or plaids Golden brown;

• Cup and saucer with gilding;

• an album with photos of all relatives.

50th wedding anniversary - gold gift

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