5th wedding anniversary meanings, symbols, and gift ideas

 The first considerable anniversary of a family – the fifth one – is called “Wooden” Wedding Anniversary. A five-year-old family can be compared to a wooden house. This is a solid construction already that however can be damaged by fire (family fights). Planting a tree is a good handsel for the fifth anniversary. A tree planted at the 5th wedding anniversary, they say, will survive all trouble and will live long for descendants.

The 5th Wedding Anniversary is to be celebrated thoroughly, though gifts can be inexpensive at all – wooden carved things, dishware and jewelry boxes, small bits of furniture, wooden accessories.

The fifth wedding anniversary is a Wooden Wedding all over the world.



The 5th wedding anniversary is associated with:

• a flower – Daisy; 5th-wedding-anniversary-flower

• a precious stone – Rose Quartz.


The 5th wedding anniversary gift ideas:

• wooden furniture;

• bed or sofa;

• the chair or family table;

• the genealogical book;

• picnic set;

• carved wooden box.

5th wedding anniversary - gift-wooden

 info: material – wood (England), wood (Russian);

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