7th wedding anniversary meanings, symbols, and gift ideas


The 7th wedding anniversary is Copper Wedding Anniversary (or Wool Wedding Anniversary). The Copper Wedding Anniversary is celebrated at the 7th year after the wedding day. Copper is a symbol of strength, beauty, and prosperity. This is not a ferrous material, but metal of value. Still, it’s not a precious metal yet. Copper is one of the four metals that have visible color different from the grey or silver color of other metals. I.e. copper is like iron (symbol of the 6th anniversary) but pink-golden, not grey. Copper is a soft, yielding, tensile metal; it is a great heat and electricity carrier second to silver. That is why it’s supposed that a couple who could live together to see their 7th anniversary got accustomed to each other. The gift theme for the 7th anniversary is copper things. Don’t forget that this anniversary is also called Wool Anniversary, that’s why woolen thing are also ok – like woolen scarves, bedspreads, or toys.

7th-wedding anniversary-Copper


The 7th wedding anniversary is associated with:

• a flower – freesia;

7th-wedding-anniversary gifts

• a precious stone – onyx.


The 7th wedding anniversary gift ideas:

• silverware;

• the set of tableware;

• coins made of precious metals;

• iron dollar, Euro;

• horseshoe;

• belt buckle;

• souvenir of copper.

7th wedding anniversary Copper gifts

info: material – woollen (England), copper (Russian);

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