8th wedding anniversary meanings, symbols, and gift ideas


The next anniversary after the Copper Wedding is the 8th wedding anniversary which is Bronze Wedding Anniversary, and this is very symbolic and interesting. Bronze is copper laced with pewter that enhances physical and chemical properties of copper. This anniversary means that your relationship has become more close-knit and strong.

A good idea for a gift is bronze interior accessories: a bronze statuette, candlestick, rare table lamp, or a bronze framed mirror. If husband smokes, a bronze cigarette case could be a good gift. Wife could be glad to have a bronze tea-set as a gift.

8th wedding anniversary bronze


The 8th wedding anniversary is associated with:

• a flower – lilac;


• a precious stone – tourmaline.


The 8th wedding anniversary gift ideas:

• photo frame;

• romantic statuette;

•  a bronze flower stand;

• the tray is made of bronze;

• candlestick.

info:  material – salt (England), bronze (Russian);

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