9th wedding anniversary meanings, symbols, and gift ideas


The 9th wedding anniversary is called China or Ceramic Wedding Anniversary. This is a material that dishware is made of. Porcelain or china has long been a symbol of home, close family, and coziness. China cups are very nice and attractive, and a family is more and more close-knit year by year, filling their family life with prosperity. Porcelain or china is also fragile and serves as a reminder of the fact that one can’t repair a broken cup. That is why it’s important to take care of relationship, to value and respect each other!

You can make you partner happy giving him or her china things: cups, mugs, plates, a porcelain bell, etc.

9th wedding anniversaty gifts china


The 9th wedding anniversary is associated with:

• a flower – Bird of paradise;

9th wedding anniversary bird of paradise

• a precious stone – Lapis Lazuli.

9th wedding anniversary Lapis Lazuli

The 9th wedding anniversary gift ideas:

• bells;

• sculptures;

• figurines;

• various “usefulness” (tea kettles, coasters spoon or tea bag, thimbles, candle holders, piggy banks);

• mugs, glasses, tea and coffee pairs, beer kits.

info: material – cooper (England), faience (Russian);

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