1207, 2014

How I fell off the scooter + MyPic!!!

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What’s your favourite type of transport? Do you prefer to feel the speed and the wind riding a motorbike or to feel comfort when you are driving a car?

I don’t like riding motorbikes or scooters, it’s easier for me to drive a car. Once my wife and I went to the village to visit her grandparents. A lonely village with several thousand people. On that day we celebrated something. […]

2106, 2014

How I’ve been learning English

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Here in Russia children start learning English at school at the age of seven. Then they learn it at university, so it’s about 15 years. But after 15 years of studying not many people can talk in English on simple topics, I couldn’t do that. […]

1406, 2014

Irony, or a sweet is more harmful than a motorbike

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Irony is both an implicit fine mockery and replacing of negative moments of your life with positive ones. It’s interesting, as irony helps to see the things that happen to you from the other side. Moreover, if you have a sense of irony, it’ll be more interesting for you to look at the world around, and self-irony can help you overcome the difficulties or obstacles in communication. Though self-irony requires some elegance – to make people laugh, not humiliating yourself and not making the other person feel uncomfortable.

I asked my colleagues about an irony in their lives. Here are some of their answers: […]