Everything you wanted to know about the eleventh wedding anniversary! 

Theleventh wedding anniversarye second five-year jubilee is behind now. You are now closer to your next anniversaries, which you will have many times. The Lace, Ivory, Crystal, Silver and finally Golden Wedding Anniversaries are yet to come. No you are celebrating the Steel Wedding Anniversary. This anniversary speaks for itself. You have lived 11 years together, and now you have learnt not only to understand and appreciate each other, but also you have proved that your marriage has become like steel – strong and elastic. Steel is an alloy of iron and carbon that makes iron durable; just like your wedding is not already iron, but strengthened with carbon. There are also less injurious additives that make steel fragile. It is a beautiful age for a family. You’ve gone through facings and now you deserve a party to celebrate the anniversary. Gifts for the Steel Wedding Anniversary have a theme of a steel color. There are plenty of ideas: you can give a dinner, coffee, or tea set, steel decorative things and interior elements. Or you may consider giving something unusual so that your gift was remembered for long. Let’s choose:

11th-wedding--anniversary gifts
11th-wedding-anniversary gifts
11th-wedding-anniversary gifts

 For him

No man will stay indifferent if you give him a decorative sword or a dagger. You will surely see glint in his eyes that is hard to see in other situations. Or imagine how happy he will be if you give him a small or even big safe  – a symbol of stability and safety; the more so as there is a lot things that need to be kept safely after 11 years of the family life, not to mention your relationships. Give him a small pocket flask where he could pour his favorite beverage into. A steel gilded pen or a money clip will also be a nice gift. Do you like to have parties in your backyard and invite friends? If you do, then a nice charcoal grill will make a great gift for this anniversary. You will surely enjoy it during family evenings. If you like hiking, a small steel thermos bottle, a hatchet, or a watch with compass will be useful. And if you prefer to stick to traditions of the anniversary, visit a forge and watch how metal comes to life and the process of making a new metal thing, and be filled with the spirit of the Middle Ages. If you agreed with the smith in advance, you may even consider participating in creating your symbolic gift: a forged letter or the number eleven, one digit for you, and one for him, which will make your anniversary number!

For her 

eleventh wedding anniversaryBesides flatware and dishware, consider other gift ideas for this anniversary. For example, troy jewelry – it will never get darkened, and is always weather-resistant. A deserving gift for a woman that will show her individuality. Don’t forget about the symbolic mineral for this anniversary. It is turquoise. Turquoise is a sky-blue “stone of happiness”; it has been one of the most popular semi-precious stones since old times. A ring with this stone will become the symbol of everlasting love. Flowers are also a required component. Any woman will be happy to get flowers as a gift. For this date, tulip is the flower. Bright, elegant, easy to grow – all these advantages made this flower one of the most popular garden plants. Tulip is a symbol of love and happiness, and many legends about this flower prove that. And look at this gift for steel anniversary!

Look once again at the list of wedding anniversaries and don’t forget about your next anniversary:)