Everything you wanted to know about the fifth wedding anniversary.

fifth wedding anniversaryThis is your first five-year anniversary, and you may be proud of yourself. Remember how happy you were five years ago. And you are together still. This is great and a nice reason for celebrating this anniversary, recalling the Wedding day and all moments you’ve had together, and dreaming about future, and making a wish to celebrate many anniversaries on. So choose the right way to surprise, impress and make the one you love happy, if you stick to traditional gift ideas (traditions are important!). The material of this Wedding Anniversary is wood. In every country of the world, by the way. Which proves uniqueness and symbolism of this anniversary. You have many opportunities for an inspiring idea – from wooden furniture to small wooden statuettes.

Of course, unusual original gifts or handmade gifts are welcome. You can always be inspired here. You can give a small occasional or coffee table, a flower stand, or even wooden flowers. A beautiful carved jewelry box will also be a nice gift. If he likes to make things with his own hands, you can also consider giving wooden model boats, sets for poker-work; a hammer or axe with a wooden handle can be a funny gift.

For her.

fifth wedding anniversaryAfter five years of family life you must know your wife’s preferences. If she likes to wear fashion jewelry, you can consider giving nice natural wood & bead jewelry. Or you may give precious jewelry packed in a wooden jewelry box or a small box made of wood. If she likes window gardening, a small tree in a pot will be a nice and symbolic gift. Talking of flowers, daisy is the flower of the day. It is a perennial plant that requires care and regular watering. Just like your family requires care, attention, and courting. THE MOST interesting idea of a gift for this anniversary is a small portable garden. To make it look nice and symbolic, put flowers into decorative wooden pots and place them in a calm nook of your garden by the leisure area, water, lawn, or porch. If you are ready to make an impressing surprise and give something unusual you may consider doing the following: a floating island of daisies planted into special platforms. It’s rather easy to do: fill the inner surface of a low-board foam plastic base with liquid glass, air dry it, fill with soil and plant the daisies. They are unpretentious, and the platforms are beautiful during the whole season, – the guests will be excited!fifth wedding anniversary Quartz is the mineral of this wedding anniversary. It’s one of the most widespread mineral in the crust, the share of which is 60 per cent. Its name is derived from a German word “Quarz” meaning “hard”; no wonder it symbolizes this anniversary.

Look once again at the list of wedding anniversaries and don’t forget about your next anniversary:)