Everything you wanted to know about the first wedding anniversary! 

1st-wedding-anniversary-paper What is the Paper wedding? It’s the whole year the couple spent together in love and happiness. The fresh husband and wife didn’t have enough time to know each other; they still have a lot to go through.
Still they’re already a family, and an important step in two people’s lives has been made.
Even if a couple lived together before the wedding, they still won’t miss the unique feeling of being united as one. They can now say “us” instead of “me”, and that’s what it is all about.
However this time is one of the hardest for every family. They are not linked enough yet, the connection is unstable. A lot of families fall apart during the first year. That is why your gift has to represent your confidence in relationships of the couple.
And, of course, it shall have something to do with paper!
So, let’s see what you can choose as a special present for this unique date.
Here are some traditional yet creative examples for your consideration.

First wedding anniversary
First wedding anniversary
First wedding anniversary
First wedding anniversary
First wedding anniversary

For him:

What can be better than a real book in our century of electronic gadgets? The feel of paper under fingertips, the half-forgotten scent of printed letters… this is like a tender trip to the past he would surely appreciate.
The photo-album may also appear to be a suitable choice. Fill it with pictures of your most precious moments and let him know you still love him.
By the way, if he likes taking pictures or especially if he’s a professional photographer, his appreciation for your gift will be endless!
Craving for relaxation and new emotions? Get two tickets and take him to a romantic tour! May it be a trip to other city or to an exotic country – everything depends on you!
Be creative, attach a letter to the tickets with your best wishes, or use paper to decorate the envelope.
Like spending evenings together? Love inviting your friends for a weekend? Guess how happy he will be to receive a board game like monopoly or cards, poker or even the funny twister!
The newspaper released at the date of your wedding might be a sweet detail to the present. Just imagine how happy he will be to know you were keeping it for him for the whole year!

For her:

Remember, every woman is like a tender flower. So the flower will be a good gift, especially since there is the defined special flower meant for this date.

1st-anniversary-carnationCarnation is a perennial plant symbolizing your long relations and happy family life for years. Also scientists discovered that the scent of this flower helps to ease inner tense and brings positive emotions.
By the way, you can see this flower in hands of Maximillian I, the Emperor of Great Rome!
If you consider the flower to be a too short-living gift, consider giving jewelry.
Mother-of-pearl is created inside the sea shell and reminds real pearls by chemical formula. Still, unlike pearls, it glisters at the sun and is rather mesmerizing – just like your first year of family life!
Mother-of-pearl gives tones and keeps you healthy. 1st wedding anniversary gifts Its energy helps you to strengthen your family ties and inspires your love.
Your life will be harmonized and calm due to the genuine magic of this stone.

Still no matter which gift you choose, be sure – the most craved and awaited present is your love!

Look once again at the list of wedding anniversaries and don’t forget about your next anniversary:)