Everything you wanted to know about the Fourth wedding anniversary!


You are now at the threshold of your five-year anniversary. Congratulations! You have been together for four years already. You still remember your Wedding Day, and how happy you were, when your friends and family wished you to be happy and love each other, and gave you wedding presents. Now for this Wedding Anniversary you give presents to each other in sign of your care and love to each other. The Silk Wedding Anniversary is coming. Natural silk is a very strong – royal – material. Floss thread is as strong as steel wire of the same diameter. Your family will be as strong soon. It’s very symbolic and interesting. Let’s make a suitable gift then.

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Of course, things made of silk will be great! They are beautiful and comfortable. This is a thin, smooth and practically weightless material, and it’s not only comfortable when wearing, but also useful. You may consider giving a silk tie, scarf, or bed sheets. You may even go further and give custom-made painted silk and make an inscription to your beloved one, – this will be a great handmade gift. Or you can find a silk painting and make a surprise.

For this anniversary, fruit and flowers are also often given, especially in England, and this is also how it is called in the United Kingdom (Fruit & Flowers Wedding Anniversary). That is why a basket of fruit and flowers will not only be a great gift, but also symbolic and traditional for this day.

4th-anniversary-hydrageaOnce we are talking about flowers, the Hydrangea flowers corresponds this anniversary; this is a decorative plant having large flowers with four colored sepals, that is why the fourth anniversary corresponds to this flower. Here on this website we have many gift options related to this flower. Just remember: women love to get flowers, attention, and originality. Let’s combine it.

Also women love gems. In our case it’s a blue topaz. Topaz can have different colors and shades, and a clear topaz is colorless. But just like you color the life of each other, the nature colors this gem, and the blue topaz is most precious. It is the blue topaz, unlike yellow or pink ones, that is most sensitive to bright sunlight and may lose its color. Like your love if you don’t take care of it. And you family relationships – like topaz – are ‘gem’-cut and given various shapes: diamond cut, emerald cut, fancy cut, oval cut… Which will help you to choose the right jewelry for her.45th anniversary Sapphire gift

Still no matter which gift you choose, be sure – the most craved and awaited present is your love!

Look once again at the list of wedding anniversaries and don’t forget about your next anniversary:)