Everything you wanted to know about gold wedding anniversary! 

gold wedding anniversary

What’s the best gift for the golden wedding?

Golden Wedding Anniversary is one of the most tremendous wedding anniversaries. You’ve lived 50 years together; it’s a half of the century. A lot of events have passed, you helped each other in difficult situations and shared sincere happy moments.

The symbol of the Golden Wedding Anniversary is surely gold. The true meaning of it is represented in several aspects.

First of all, gold symbolizes the treasure of your experience as well as the happiness you’ve reached despite hard times and occasional misunderstandings. You’ve worked hard enough to form the unique and steady relationships and now it’s time to savor the glory.


Anniversary gift ideas for the Golden Wedding Anniversary

Sure thing it’s important to offer a unique and worthy gift for this date.

If you truly do appreciate your beloved, spend some time thinking out something really special to surprise him or her.

The most obvious anniversary gift is a golden ring. According to ancient tradition, the couple gives each other new golden rings and passes previous ones to their grandchildren. People say this is a way a couple passes its experience, happiness and love.

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Anniversary specials

gold wedding anniversary

wedding flower

If you’re looking for something really unique, consider a living flower.

It’s the most tremendous and exciting choice ever!

Imagine a yellow rose, bright and rare as the gold itself. Think about how sparkling it is and how much it represents the mild beauty of true and deep relations.

However, a rose is still too fragile and short-lasting. Its beauty fades in several days or weeks.


I guess I’ve found the way to help a rose stay beautiful for years, tender and untouched in its looks.

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