Everything you wanted to know about the sixth wedding anniversary.


sixth wedding anniversarySo, six years have passed since your Wedding Day. The Paper, Cotton, Leather, Silk, and Wooden anniversaries are behind now – the first, the hardest, and most unstable ones like the symbolic materials of these dates – crowned with the first five-year jubilee. The Iron Wedding Anniversary’s material is the first metal in your family relationships. It’s still a fragile and non-precious metal that however will eventually transform into silver and gold. But for it to happen, you will have to work hard, overcome trouble and share happiness; you have already created the basis for a united family. And you as always want to celebrate the date to remember it for a long time. Apart from everything else, a gift will be very helpful. There are a lot of Iron Wedding Anniversary gift ideas; you only have to choose the right one for your family.

This may be a common gift made of iron: souvenirs, stands, candlesticks, horseshoes to bring good luck, photo frames, – they are easy to find. However, let’s discuss an unusual gift for this date:

I have to do with smithcraft, and to celebrate the sixth anniversary of your wedding I recommend you find and visit a forge. You will see it together how a lifeless piece of metal transforms into something beautiful, just like it is in your family – two loving hearts have transformed into a beautiful and everlasting union. You can even participate in the process and contribute to creating a piece of art. Plunge into the old times and feel the spirit of the Middle Ages, watch the manual metal processing – by hammer-work, or even take a great souvenir made especially for you and a great mood with you. Due to advancement of technology, hard and low-output work today gave way to a factory mass production. Rarely will you meet such handmade, forged things. Besides, you have a great reason to become exclusion.

sixth wedding anniversary

Look once again at the list of wedding anniversaries and don’t forget about your next anniversary:)