tenth wedding anniversary
It is your second five-year wedding anniversary and another reason to be proud. Congratulations! Ten years of a family life is an outstanding event. This is your second five-year anniversary, and during this period you have gone through a long way, got used to each other, and know that you will be together till probably the Golden Wedding Anniversary. You have learnt to appreciate, understand each other, accept compromises and show flexibility when it is necessary. Your family has gained the same properties as tin. Tin is a soft metal, characterized with high plasticity. It symbolizes flexibility. It symbolizes you. And for this anniversary you should make a gift associated with this metal.

Such gifts as candlesticks, tea glass holders, statuettes, bottle holders and tin shot glass sets are ideal for the Tin Wedding Anniversary. You can also present a set of tin flatware or a beautiful tin-framed mirror, or wine glasses decorated with a tin element (a heart of flowers, two doves, and a ten number). It is a rather useful, functional and symbolic gift for the Tin Wedding Anniversary. Or you can find a workshop and have engraving done on a tin spoon. There is a tradition to give a tin spoon for this anniversary. It is thought that you have to carry this spoon all day and then put it under your pillow for a good luck. There is another tradition – to present eleven roses: ten red roses as a symbol of the ten years of your family life, and a red rose – the eleventh one – symbolizing hope for a long happy life. Tin-alloy jewelry will make an unusual gift, or a tin jewelry box to keep it in.

A set of tin soldiers may be a very pleasant gift for the husband. Or consider a set of tin chess as a gift. If he likes to play it, of course.

The flower that is the symbol of the Tin Wedding Anniversary – narcissus with a strong mellow flavor – will be a great gift for your wife.

Look once again at the list of wedding anniversaries and don’t forget about your next anniversary:)