Growing Popularity of Handmade Beads

Handmade beads are getting soaring popularity these days as gift item for various occasions. Their elegance, material of make, being light-weight and being less expensive has made them a great choice as a gift. The biggest comfort the buyers of handmade beads get is the huge variety in different options of designs, colors, and material. These beads are available in countless options. We can observe people flocking to buy traditional and modern beads designs from street hawkers, public shopping points on picnic spots and gift stores. Internet has also witnessed a huge trend in online shopping of handmade beads.

If we take a look at the materials with which these great looking beads are made we will be surprised to see the numberless options we encounter. The most common and popular beads are made of precious gemstones like emerald, pearls, ruby, sapphire and mother of pearls. The second biggest variety is made of iron and other metals. The iron made beads are great looking with shine and unmatched brightness. Silver, golden, metallic, aluminum and other metals are also used in manufacturing of these handmade beads. The third category in which these beads are widely available is wood. The wooden beads are made with various kinds of exclusive tree wood including elm, oak, spruce etc. Many palm tree cones are also used when making different and natural beads. The fourth category is plastic. Plastic beads being very light-weight are also hugely popular.

The best feature of these beads is that they are handmade. The skillful craftsmen are expert in making different variety of beads in many colors, shapes, textures, designs and materials. The skillfully craft beads with bare hands in functions of beads design and using threads. The most common threads used in handmade beads are cotton, copper wire, plastic fiber, gold plated threads and leather made threads. All of these options are available on demand of the customers in addition to color, design and material of their choice.

Handmade beads are ideal for gifts. There are both large beads and small beads available for various purposes. The large beads are used as interior decoration items and are used as hanging objects with doors, windows, curtains and corridors to decorate them. The small beads are personally used as jewels with clothes. This has given rise to trend of fashion beads. Many famous jewelry makers and jewelry brands are also making and branding their own variety of handmade beads.

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