grandfather's scooterWhat’s your favourite type of transport? Do you prefer to feel the speed and the wind riding a motorbike or to feel comfort when you are driving a car?

I don’t like riding motorbikes or scooters, it’s easier for me to drive a car. Once my wife and I went to the village to visit her grandparents. A lonely village with several thousand people. On that day we celebrated something. We had a barbecue, we made salads and pies. We drank a little alcohol, talked about life, laughed, and I decided to have a ride on grandpa’s scooter. Not a big scooter, 60 kmh. Well, as grandpa rides it without any problem, I didn’t have to worry, I would ride anywhere in any condition, it’s simple, though, I hadn’t ridden a scooter before that day. And I was right.

While I was riding along the road, everything was ok, but my fatal mistake was the decision to come back home through the field. Everything was ok, before the wheel fell into a track. All my attempts to drop speed or ride the scooter out of the track were useless. In the end I “flew” in one direction, the scooter – in the other. My glasses and slippers fell in different directions too. I stood up not in a good condition: without slippers, without glasses, in blood (not fatal), I found everything and came up to the scooter. It didn’t end well for the scooter either. The mirrors were broken, plastic cracked. But on the whole we came off cheap, as far as I understand we flipped over in the air. At that moment I thought: “if it doesn’t start, I’ll have to wheel it myself. But luckily it started and I went home without any more adventures. I looked terrible. My wife was scared, and grandpa laughed at me and told me I should ride a bicycle.
The photos are here
how i fell off the scooter

how i fell off the scooter

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It’s good I like driving a car more than riding a scooter:)

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