skypeHere in Russia children start learning English at school at the age of seven. Then they learn it at university, so it’s about 15 years. But after 15 years of studying not many people can talk in English on simple topics, I couldn’t do that.

I don’t know why, but I was out of luck with teachers. At school at first there was a very angry teacher represented an “old Soviet school”. So I didn’t enjoy the lessons. Then it was a young teacher without any teaching experience, she taught us coarse language. With the next teacher I didn’t get on at once, I had the highest marks in all subjects except English. I will remember her all my life)))

So, as I’ve been learning English by myself for a year, I know more than after 15 years of studying with teachers. This is a power of motivation!!! I started with fairy-tales in English, I watched films with subtitles, I saw Fight Club and Pulp Fiction and

studied grammar, now I’m studying English via Skype an hour a day – it’s very effective. (Here is the link to my teacher’s blog

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