candyIrony is both an implicit fine mockery and replacing of negative moments of your life with positive ones. It’s interesting, as irony helps to see the things that happen to you from the other side. Moreover, if you have a sense of irony, it’ll be more interesting for you to look at the world around, and self-irony can help you overcome the difficulties or obstacles in communication. Though self-irony requires some elegance – to make people laugh, not humiliating yourself and not making the other person feel uncomfortable.

I asked my colleagues about an irony in their lives. Here are some of their answers:


I like reading and I wanted to buy an e-book or a tablet. I asked for advice and bought a book with e-ink. I was happy. But it turned out it doesn’t work when the lights are off and I can’t read my books in the evening before going to sleep with the lights off. Here is the irony – I should have bought a tablet, and the irony again – I don’t strain my eyes.


I always liked girls who were not very tall, but married the girl who is taller by a head.


I never liked sitting at the table and working on the Internet, I never surfed the net, I didn’t have an e-mail box and didn’t understand anything in programs, but I got a job as an IT-specialist. I’ve learnt almost everything.

And here is my irony:

I bought some chewing sweets, started to chew and broke my tooth. But when I fell off the scooter I didn’t break anything, I only took some scratches, but everything healed up. In certain situations a sweet can be more dangerous than a motorbike.

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