1007, 2014

Funny pictures from Russia2

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607, 2014

our wedding music video

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This is our wedding music video which shows how our friend is singing a song by Alessandro Safina – Luna tu (it was his present for our wedding). It’s a wonderful wedding gift which we’ll always remember. I’d like to get such gifts for every wedding anniversary.


607, 2014

Funny pictures from Russia

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2906, 2014

If I had teeth I’d bite off my father’s nose +MyVideo

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It’s good when your child is having fun, it means that at the moment nothing disturbs him, and it’s very important for him to feel a strong connection with his parents, his response to them, his reactions to their voices are also essential. It’s necessary to make him smile and laugh, giving new emotions, but it’s also important not to overdo, because having too much fun can scare your child, and it’s quite different experience. In this video he is about 3-5 months. In my opinion, it’s important for your child to enjoy interesting unusual moments. […]

2106, 2014

How I’ve been learning English

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Here in Russia children start learning English at school at the age of seven. Then they learn it at university, so it’s about 15 years. But after 15 years of studying not many people can talk in English on simple topics, I couldn’t do that. […]

1406, 2014

Irony, or a sweet is more harmful than a motorbike

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Irony is both an implicit fine mockery and replacing of negative moments of your life with positive ones. It’s interesting, as irony helps to see the things that happen to you from the other side. Moreover, if you have a sense of irony, it’ll be more interesting for you to look at the world around, and self-irony can help you overcome the difficulties or obstacles in communication. Though self-irony requires some elegance – to make people laugh, not humiliating yourself and not making the other person feel uncomfortable.

I asked my colleagues about an irony in their lives. Here are some of their answers: […]

1006, 2014

Do you know about a ‘green’ wedding anniversary? +MyPics

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[av_one_half first][/av_one_half] [av_one_half] [av_hr class='invisible' height='50' shadow='no-shadow' position='center']
When is a ‘green’ wedding celebrated?
As you know, every year after the wedding you celebrate different anniversaries, the first one is paper wedding, the sixth one is iron wedding, after 50 years of married life people celebrate golden wedding. The symbol of every wedding anniversary varies depending on a country. Every wedding anniversary is associated with a flower and a precious stone. For example:     [/av_one_half] […]

706, 2014

What does your child break? +MyPics

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Perhaps, every small child (or even not small) likes to touch and to break necessary things. Maybe, he tries to understand the world and wants to learn what yourmobile or TV consists of. Some children are calm and quiet and the others like to break dishes, some children like to play with a construction toys and the others like to break quite damage-proof toys. Some can overgrow this habit to break everything, but not all of them.


3105, 2014

What did he give me as a wedding gift? +MyPics

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What can you do to make your present memorable?
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[av_one_half]A week before my wedding my best friend who lives in the other city, far from me, sent me a present by post. I didn’t know what it would be and I was looking forward to it, knowing my friend’s unusual creativity.[/av_one_half]