Great love happened to a courageous blacksmith and a beautiful girl. Inspired by this wonderful and powerful feeling he created something gorgeous and unique, something that reflected the depth of his feelings. It was a present for her birthday. The present was unbelievably beautiful and refined. The blacksmith gave her a bouquet of roses and promised to love until the last rose faded. One of those roses was an iron hammered rose…

In a master’s hands cold metal gains soft and delicate shapes just like the beauty of your beloved woman who you will give it.

Every rose is custom made, which means that each rose we make is unique and one of the kind – like natural flowers are.

If you want to say something meaningful and special with your gift, which is known by you two only? At you desire, the blacksmith will easily embody your wishes in a flower!
Where metals become alive

It’s not easy to make a rose from a steel sheet. First, the master will choose material of the necessary thickness and length, making blanks for the future petals.
Each petal is handmade. After heating in a furnace up to 1,200 degrees, it becomes orange-colored and starts to glow! This is the time, when the smith knows – the petal is ready to get shaped.

Strength and delicacy

An “airy”, weightless steel rose is made by rough man’s power and special tenderness. This is the only way how amazing shapes can be given to metals.
An average weight of a blacksmith’s hammeris 2,5 kg. Every petal requires about 30 hits with hammer, each of them having to be most precise! Or the flower will not be able to come to life in metal.

On your Wedding Day
Every Wedding Anniversary has its own special meaning. Not infrequently, such events are associated with metals – as strong and unbreakable as real love, or precious stones – as rare as true feelings. Is there a better gift for such an event than a rose made of metal?

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