We are a young family and we’ve just celebrated a “paper” wedding anniversary or “calico” wedding as we call it in Russia.

Here you can see how it started, this is our wedding music video with a song by Alessandro Safina Luna tu, which is performed by our friend, it was his present for our wedding. One more unforgettable present was a handmade iron lily with a candlestick which our friend had made exclusively for us. It was what we really remember.


In our first year we became young parents. We called our son Sergey and now we are bringing him up, we are learning something new, trying to understand him. We are also interested in other parents’ experience and we share our results.

We celebrated our first anniversary in a close family circle – just two of us. But before that we took part in the creation of one more family – our friend proposed to his girlfriend in an M-Video shop and we helped him with our friends, even a shop manager helped us. You can watch this video (with subtitles). Due to that our wedding anniversary was a really memorable event, and we saw that a present for the wedding or wedding anniversary is an important part of a celebration which you’ll never forget if it was done in a special way. That is why we decided to create this site and to help you with that. We have a great idea for a unique gift which you can present at wedding anniversaries or if you just want to congratulate a person you love.

As you can guess, we live in Russia and we have some national peculiarities both in the way we call wedding anniversaries and cultural features in general, we are looking forward to hearing about your traditions and we would be grateful if you could share it with us. You can get more information about it on our blog.

Please, enjoy reading and don’t hesitate to contact us or leave your comment.