Perhaps, every small child (or even not small) likes to touch and to break necessary things. Maybe, he tries to understand the world and wants to learn what yourmobile or TV consists of. Some children are calm and quiet and the others like to break dishes, some children like to play with a construction toys and the others like to break quite damage-proof toys. Some can overgrow this habit to break everything, but not all of them.

[av_one_third first]iphone[/av_one_third]




Our son (and it’s only what I remember and what was really necessary for us) has already broken the second pair of glasses (you can see in the photo), an iphone3, he’s scratched an iphone5 and all the time he beats it against the floor. He takes the phone when it lies on the bed and climbs down with it. He has broken several cups.

[av_one_fourth first]broken-glasses1[/av_one_fourth]





What’s going to be next?


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